Introducing JetEstimate: Revolutionizing Private Jet Booking with Virtual Hangar®

In response to burgeoning member demand and a commitment to elevating user experience, Virtual Hangar® proudly unveils its latest innovation: JetEstimate. This eagerly anticipated feature is set to transform the landscape of private jet booking, offering users unparalleled convenience and precision.

JetEstimate harnesses the power of advanced technology, leveraging historical booking and flight request data spanning the past four years. Coupled with cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, this wealth of information is distilled into a user-friendly format, allowing members to access instant pricing estimates with unprecedented accuracy.

Dillon Smith, a data analyst at Virtual Hangar®, underscores the groundbreaking capabilities of JetEstimate, stating, “What makes this feature so special is JetAhead was about to predict a 5-hour flight down to the exact dollar in relation to a Citation X that completed a member trip a few days later.” This level of precision marks a significant milestone in the private aviation industry, empowering users with insights never before attainable.

Flight Advisor Shannon Kelly emphasizes the transformative impact of JetEstimate on member interactions with the platform. “This new feature provides members an idea of what pricing may presume on all their destinations, without requesting a live trip to aircraft owners and managers, ensuring their booking score stays an A+,” she states. By offering comprehensive pricing estimates, JetEstimate enables members to make informed decisions while maintaining the highest standards of booking integrity.

Virtual Hangar® | JetEstimate

As Virtual Hangar® continues to expand its reach and user base, the depth and breadth of historical data will only increase, further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of JetEstimate estimates. “The sky really is the limit when it comes to JetEstimate,” concludes Dillion Smith, reflecting on the boundless potential of this groundbreaking feature.

JetEstimate represents more than just a technological advancement; it signifies a commitment to innovation and excellence in private jet booking. With its unparalleled accuracy and user-centric design, JetEstimate heralds a new era of convenience and reliability for Virtual Hangar® members, cementing its position as a leader in the private aviation industry.

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