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Chicago, a bustling metropolis known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and significant economic influence, offers a range of private jet charter services tailored to meet the diverse needs of travelers. Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, private jet charters provide a seamless and luxurious travel experience. This article explores the tailored solutions, airport options, aircraft choices, and the process of requesting a private jet charter quote in Chicago.

Key Takeaways

  • Private jet charters in Chicago offer customized travel itineraries and effortless departure and arrival processes, ensuring maximum control over your travel schedule.
  • Chicago’s private jet airports provide accessibility, convenience, and a range of services and amenities to enhance your travel experience.
  • A wide selection of aircraft, including VIP airliners for larger groups, is available, with stringent safety and maintenance standards ensuring a secure journey.

Tailored Solutions for Chicago Private Jet Charters

Virtual Hangar® jet charter offers unparalleled tailored solutions for private jet charters in Chicago, ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel experience. Our services are designed to provide maximum control over your travel schedule, making your journey as smooth and efficient as possible.

Customized Travel Itineraries

With Virtual Hangar® jet charter, you can customize your travel itineraries to fit your specific needs. Whether it’s a business trip or a leisurely getaway, our team will work with you to create a personalized travel plan that meets all your requirements. This flexibility allows you to choose your departure times, destinations, and even in-flight services, ensuring a truly bespoke travel experience.

Effortless Departure and Arrival Processes

When you charter a private jet with us, the departure and arrival process is effortless. Simply tell us where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our streamlined procedures ensure that you can avoid the usual hassles of commercial air travel, such as long security lines and crowded terminals. Instead, you’ll enjoy a swift and smooth transition from ground to air and back again.

Comprehensive Aircraft Management

Our comprehensive aircraft management services provide peace of mind for jet owners and operators. From maintenance and safety checks to crew management and scheduling, we handle all aspects of aircraft operation. This allows you to focus on your travel experience while we ensure that your aircraft is in top condition and ready for your next journey.

No operator knows private jet rentals from Chicago better than Priester Aviation. It’s our home base and we offer tailored solutions to give you maximum control of your travel schedule.

Exploring Chicago’s Private Jet Airports

Chicago and its surrounding metropolitan area is home to more than 18 airports for executive and leisure flights, ranging from some of the busiest commercial airports in the world to small airfields dedicated to business and general aviation. There are more than a dozen airports located within 50 nautical miles of Chicago that can accommodate private jets, along with several smaller airports focused on general aviation.

Aircraft Options for Private Jet Charters in Chicago

Wide Selection of Aircraft

When it comes to private jet charters in Chicago, Virtual Hangar® offers an extensive selection of aircraft to meet diverse travel needs. From light jets like the Eclipse 500 to mid-size options such as the Citation Sovereign, and even large-cabin jets like the Gulfstream G-IV, there is a perfect aircraft for every journey. The fleet includes a variety of models, ensuring that clients can choose the best option for their specific requirements.

VIP Airliners for Larger Groups

For larger parties, business groups, or sports teams, Virtual Hangar®approved aircraft include VIP airliners that provide ample space and luxury. These airliners are designed to offer the highest level of comfort and convenience, making them ideal for long-haul flights or special events. The availability of such aircraft ensures that even the most demanding travel needs are met with ease.

Safety and Maintenance Standards

Safety is a paramount concern for Virtual Hangar®. All aircraft in the fleet adhere to stringent safety and maintenance standards, including compliance with FAR Part 135 or 121 regulations. Pilots are selected based on their extensive experience and expertise, ensuring that every flight is conducted with the utmost professionalism and care.

Virtual Hangar®’s commitment to safety and quality ensures a seamless and secure travel experience for all clients.

Requesting a Private Jet Charter Quote in Chicago

Instant Price Estimates

When planning your next luxury vacation, business trip, or special event, obtaining an instant price estimate for a private jet charter in Chicago is straightforward. Virtual Hangar® offers a seamless platform where you can quickly get an idea of the costs involved. Simply provide your travel details, and the system will generate a quote tailored to your needs.

Consultation with Charter Brokers

For a more personalized experience, you can speak with one of our Chicago Jet Charter brokers. They are available to assist you in finding the best aircraft solutions for your journey. Whether you are planning a private flight to or from Chicago, IL, our brokers ensure that every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned and executed.

Online Quoting Tools

Virtual Hangar® also provides online quoting tools that allow you to explore various options at your convenience. These tools are designed to give you maximum control over your travel schedule, making the departure and arrival process effortless. You can compare different aircraft, amenities, and prices to find the perfect match for your needs.

Our jet charter company believes we’re only as good as our last flight. That’s why we aim to create the best air charter experience for every customer, and every flight.

Planning a luxurious trip to or from Chicago? Requesting a private jet charter quote has never been easier. Visit our website and experience the convenience of our "Tap to Book" feature, ensuring you get the best in market pricing and unmatched service. Don’t wait, elevate your travel experience today!


In conclusion, chartering a private jet in Chicago offers unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and luxury for both business and leisure travelers. With a variety of aircraft options and tailored services, companies like Priester Aviation and Paramount Business Jets ensure a seamless and personalized travel experience. Whether you are flying for a corporate event, a family vacation, or any special occasion, the expertise and dedication of Chicago’s private jet charter providers guarantee peace of mind and exceptional value. For those seeking the ultimate in air travel, Chicago’s private jet charters stand as the premier choice, delivering top-notch service and a commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a free quote for a private jet charter in Chicago?

You can request a free quote for a private jet charter in Chicago by calling 1-888-987-5387 to speak with a Chicago Jet Charter broker or by using the online quoting tools provided by various charter companies.

What types of aircraft are available for private jet charters in Chicago?

In Chicago, you have access to a wide selection of private planes including Cessnas, Cirruses, Gulfstreams, Challengers, Hawkers, and VIP airliners for larger groups, business teams, and sports teams.

What services do Chicago private jet charter companies offer?

Chicago private jet charter companies offer a variety of services including tailored travel itineraries, effortless departure and arrival processes, comprehensive aircraft management, and instant price estimates for charter quotes.

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