Unlock the Full Potential of Your Membership with Virtual Hangar® Metrics:

Access a wealth of data and insights about your membership and travel activity. Our user-friendly dashboard provides real-time information on your flight history, aircraft preference, and the famous Sky High Savings Feature!

At Virtual Hangar®, we believe that your journey should be as transparent as it is enjoyable. That’s why our Metrics feature is designed to give you comprehensive insights into every aspect of your flying experience. Once you complete a flight, dive into a treasure trove of data that keeps you informed and engaged.

Explore the Virtual Hangar® members metrics

Optimize Your Flying Experience:

Track your total miles flown and flight time effortlessly, so you always know how far you’ve traveled and how much time you’ve spent in the skies. Our Metrics also highlight the cities you’ve visited, helping you map out your travel history and plan your next adventure. Find out which destinations have captured your heart with the “Favorite Destination” metric, and discover your aircraft preferences, from your favored model to the ones you frequently fly.

Sky High Savings:

But the standout feature is our Sky High Savings. This popular tool showcases the total savings you’ve accumulated compared to flying with competitors like NetJets, Wheels Up, and others. With Sky High Savings, you can see just how much you’re saving while enjoying the unparalleled benefits of Virtual Hangar®.

Members have the ability to track their overall savings.

With these powerful metrics at your fingertips, Virtual Hangar® ensures that every aspect of your flying experience is tracked and optimized, making your membership more valuable than ever.

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